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Feeding the homeless and disadvantaged (since 1983).

Peterborough Soup Kitchen is a local charity for homeless and disadvantaged people from in and around the city.

Our aim is to ensure that anybody who turns up at our serving van receives hot soup, food and drinks throughout the year, whatever the weather conditions


We prepare soup, hot and cold drinks together with a variety of sandwiches and take away food which are then taken, by our specially adapted serving van, to Wellington Street car park in the centre of Peterborough.

Our loyal and dedicated teams of volunteers operate 52 weeks per year, 7 days per week, collecting, preparing and handing out food to between 35 to 60 clients each day.

We have no paid staff just committed volunteers!!



We really appreciate the support we receive.

As a charity we cannot survive without monetary and food donations from our supporters.

  • 100% of food and money donated will be used for the core activity of the charity.

  • Your donations will allow us to continue feeding the homeless and disadvantaged for years to come!!


Please see FAQ’s and to find what food donations are acceptable

This link will take you to  a list of required food items and you can find out more by clicking on the "More Info" box below.



One of our main objectives here at Peterborough Soup Kitchen is to provide regular and substantial food for the homeless within our community, an issue that touches many lives, particularly those in the Peterborough area. We spend a significant portion of our resources on tackling this problem. See how you can help by sending an email to members@peterboroughsoupkitchen.org.uk or go to our "Volunteer" page.

The button below takes you to a copy of our volunteer application form.



          We serve here: 


The Peterborough Soup Kitchen

Wellington Street Car Park

Peterborough PE1 5DU

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday 7.30pm to 8.30 pm

Saturday 12.00 to 1.00pm

Sunday 3.00 to 4.00pm

​Contact Information:

For food donations email

To volunteer email 


For any other enquiries   enquiries@peterboroughsoupkitchen.org.uk


or phone

07856 535192

The Peterborough Soup Kitchen