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Your Donation

Food donations are important to our charity, as a vast majority of our costs are food related. Click here for our latest donations list.


If you would like us to collect large donations of food please email or call us on 07856 535192

To find out how to find us and times when you are able to drop off donations please click here

£5 could buy:

2 days supply of tinned tuna or 3 days supply of milk

£10 could buy:

3 days supply of cheese or 1 months supply of sugar

£50 could buy:

1 months supply of hot chocolate or 4 months supply of bananas

£100 could buy:

3 months supply of coffee or

3 months supply of disposable cutlery


£250 could buy:

Bread for 5 weeks or

butter spread for 6 months


£550 could buy:

Premises Insurance for 12 months or 

3 months of disposable cups


£1000 could buy:

Premises rental for 6 months or

cheese for 10 months

Corporate Packages

£2500 could buy:

12 month supply of bread or

12 months supply of meal trays and sliced meats


£5000 could buy:

12 month running costs for both serving and chiller vans


Corporate packages include:

  • Display of your company logo on both vans

  • Mention on website and within our newsletter

  • Evening visit to the soup kitchen to assist in serving and preparation of food for clients

  • Annual Reception for all sponsors

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