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Peterborough Soup Kitchen   Charity No. 1172557

Your Donation

Food donations are important to our charity, as a vast majority of our costs are food related. The poster on the right details a list of "suitable foods" that we regularly use to do our work. If you would like us to collect large donations of food please email supplies@peterboroughsoupkitchen.org.uk or call us on 01733 315456

£5 could buy:

2 days supply of tinned tuna or 3 days supply of milk

£10 could buy:

3 days supply of cheese or 2 weeks supply of sugar

£50 could buy:

1 weeks supply of bread or 8 months supply of sandwich bags

£100 could buy:

4 months supply of coffee or

7 months supply of spoons


£250 could buy:

Biscuits & crisps for 3 months or

butter spread for 8 months


£550 could buy:

Premises Insurance for 12 months or 

squash and milk for 1 year 


£1000 could buy:

Premises rental for 6 months or

cakes for 12 months

Corporate Packages

£2500 could buy:

12 month supply of bread or

2 year supply of cups & lids


£5000 could buy:

12 month running costs for both serving and chiller vans


Corporate packages include:

  • Display of your company logo on both vans

  • Mention on website and within our newsletter

  • Evening visit to the soup kitchen to assist in serving and preparation of food for clients

  • Annual Reception for all sponsors