Established in 1983, and at that time was housed in the Salvation Army Citadel before Queensgate Shopping Centre was built.  Subsequent moves have seen the Soup Kitchen move from a room on the premises of Westgate Church to St. Theresa’s, a local homeless day centre in Peterborough city centre. We now operate from our kitchen in the Millfield Community Centre, off Lincoln Road and distribute food by van.


The Charity is 100% made up of volunteers. The soup kitchen cannot function without the loyalty, dedication, support, time, effort, enthusiasm, fundraising efforts and goodwill of all its volunteers who willingly give over 7,662 hours per annum.

We presently have around 190 local volunteers in total and the charity is run and managed by a small committee of trustees. We are always looking for new volunteers to support our work.


We really appreciate the support that we receive. As a charity we cannot survive without the money from our donors.


As an organization we are totally self-funding and receive no contributions from central or local government. 

 You can donate online securely, using the Just Giving website.