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  • I’m interested in volunteering – how do I go about it?
    You can contact us through the website ‘Contact page’ or email the membership secretary on
  • I’ve got some clothes and bedding – can you take them for the homeless?
    We concentrate on providing a hot meal every day and do not have adequate storage space for such items. Please try Stronger Together or Carezone on Titan Way in Fengate. For bedding including duvets please contact: Fairview Court, 1 Oundle Road, Peterborough Tel: 01733 553449 Peterborough Foyer, 1 Tate Close Tel: 01733 896012 New Haven, Towler Street, Peterborough Tel: 01733 554858 - only single duvets & bedding Salvation Army, 23 Broadway, Peterborough Tel: 01733 348971 - only duvet covers. Peterborough Homeless Helpers gratefully receive clean, serviceable, casual clothing and other items. They serve hot drinks and food, hand out clothing donations and toiletries to the homeless and those in need every Sunday afternoon at Wellington Street Car Park. Please contact Fiona Winchester - see Peterborough Homeless Helpers (Donations Hub) for a full list of items always needed and a list of donation hubs across the City, including Werrington, Castor and Dogsthorpe. Collections can also be arranged.
  • We have food left over from a ‘do’ last night, where can I bring it?"
    Due to food hygiene requirements we would be unable to accept open food. This is in part due to the food being out of our control i.e. preparation, Storage (temperature), condition, Ingredients (allergens) and shelf life.
  • I have donations to drop off. What time are you open?
    As our teams go out in the evenings, the best time to drop off is between 6.30 and 7.15 pm each weekday evening We may be able to meet you during the day, or collect, by prior arrangement. Please email: Alternatively, please refer to our directions on how to find us and latest opening times.
  • I am clearing out a kitchen, can I give you food from the cupboards/freezer – some open, some out-of-date. Will you take it?"
    We cannot take any opened or out-of-date stock or frozen foods. For any other item, please check the list of food donations.
  • I’d like to volunteer on Christmas Day
    We usually cover Christmas Day with year round volunteers. However, email your details to the membership secretary, and he will advise of availability or if there are alternative organisations that are currently looking for volunteers.
  • Can I donate cooked or high risk foods?
    Donations are an important part of our charity however we do have to be mindful of the safety of the people we serve. It is vital that food donations are controlled and must meet our standards of food hygiene. The short answer is : Cooked or high risk foods can only be accepted with prior approval from the trustees.
  • I would like to know more about the Safer Off The Streets Partnership
    Peterborough Soup Kitchen is a member of this Partnership and is working together alongside similar organisations to reduce homelessness and rough sleeping. You can find out more by going to saferoffthe streets/about/faqs/
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