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Sainsbury Picture In June 2009 Sainsbury’s supermarket Bretton Store, chose Peterborough Soup Kitchen to become their ‘charity of year’, as part if its 140th birthday celebrations. Sainsbury’s and Peterborough Soup Kitchen’s commitment to a partnership that will benefit from a year long link, with staff getting involved to organise fundraising events including charity collections, and volunteering for the charity.


Food Donation Success

The response by customers of the Bretton store has been truly outstanding, with both cash and food donations. An empty trolley left by the customer services desk, within the store, which has constantly been filled. In 9 months we have received over 39 trolleys full of donated food; an average of 1 trolley per week. Amazingly, this has a value of £7,800.

Staff Volunteering

Staff at the store volunteered, ‘in their own time’ to help out on the soup kitchen van in the city centre in winter. Some Sainsbury’s staff, like Dawn and Jackie (pictured below), then became permanent volunteers of the charity.

Sainsbury Staff VolunteeringSainsbury Staff Volunteering





Support Fundraising Events

Sainsbury Staff VolunteeringSainsbury’s store in Bretton helped to support fundraising for a new van in Peterborough city centre in January 2010, by kindly donating soup and bread to make this possible.

In Long Causeway, Peterborough we offered members of the public, a cup of chicken or tomato soup and some bread in exchange for a donation. This raised over £600 in cash on the day and also brought much needed awareness to the public of what we do.


Sleep Rough: 2010

Store Manager Alex BettisonAlex Bettison, the Bretton store Manager was the first person to accept the challenge of sleeping rough outside his own store, for one night. He was inspirational in asking his customers to support and sponsor him for this endeavour in the months leading up to the event on the Friday 12th November 2010.

He raised an outstanding £1,969 in sponsorship and even managed to persuade Justin King, the Chief Executive of Sainsbury’s to give him a donation!

In the spirit of partnership with the soup kitchen he facilitated the logistics of the event, which happened from 10 pm, just after the store closed. He also organised the feeding the 135 rough sleepers at 7 am from the store cafe.

The food and warm drink was extremely welcomed by those who participated. Staff from the Bretton store arrived to work 2 hours early, at 5.30 am to deal with the large number of people so early in the day before store opening. Once again, great dedication from all the store staff.