Our Partners


Partner LogoIn April 2010 Bakkavör Spalding, based in West Marsh Road, Spalding in Lincolnshire made contact with Ian Davies, the Chairman of Peterborough Soup Kitchen. The site offered the charity one of its ‘staple foods’, SOUP. The magnitude of the offer to become a provider of soup will enable Peterborough Soup Kitchen to have a constant, regular and wide variety (14 different types) of fresh ‘chilled’ high quality soups. Read More –>


Partner LogoPerkins’ and the Soup Kitchen have a long association. We have safely parked our van in one of the Perkins car parks since 2001 and they have also generously serviced and maintained this van, when times were financially very difficult for the charity. Additionally, some of our longest standing volunteers at the soup kitchen are also employees at Perkins’. Read More –>


Partner LogoIn June 2009 Sainsbury’s supermarket Bretton Store, chose Peterborough Soup Kitchen to become their ‘charity of year’, as part if its 140th birthday celebrations. Sainsbury’s and Peterborough Soup Kitchen’s commitment to a partnership that will benefit from a year long link, with staff getting involved to organise fundraising events including charity collections, and volunteering for the charity. Read More –> 


Partner LogoThe Soup Kitchen’s longest and most important partnership relationship has been with Peterborough Cathedral. When the Soup Kitchen was formed, as a project to help resolve some of the issues of homelessness in the city in 1983, the majority of people involved came from some of the city’s main churches. Peterborough Cathedral supported what was to become Peterborough Soup Kitchen, from its inception. Read More –>