Mini Car Draw Result

In association with the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) who support small charities in the UK and Zurich Insurance, we are able to offer the fantastic prize of a new Mini First, worth over £11,000

We raised £3,960 from ticket sales

The winning ticket was drawn on the 14th October 2010, No. 64294.
It went to Jill Graham of Hartlepool, in the North East of England

Peterborough Soup Kitchen was the second highest fundraiser in the UK

We were successful in selling as many of the Mini Car Draw tickets mainly because Sycamore Mini Garage in Peterborough were extremely helpful in allowing us to use a new Mini for demonstration purposes when we had prepared events for ticket sales.

Having a real Mini enabled us to provide a real car similar to the one being offered as the prize. It also made for an attractive focal point that brought people towards us and allowed us to sell almost 2000 tickets. Our two corporate sponsors; Sainsbury’s and Bakkavor have been very supportive in selling Mini Car Draw tickets.

Photo of Mini Prize Draw FundraisingPhoto of Mini Prize Draw Fundraising






We had two days, in July and August, outside Sainsbury’s in Bretton, in which the ‘car was the star’ as we parked the Mini by the front door. The store has about 5,000 people go through its doors on an average day, so these were very busy days indeed. PSK volunteers sold over 450 tickets during these days to a value of £894.

Photo of Mini Prize Draw FundraisingPhoto of Mini Prize Draw Fundraising









A great big thanks must go to the following:

Mark Steeles from Sycamores, Mini in Peterborough for lending us the Mini and being so helpful.

Janet Prescott from Bakkavor, for being so supportive and allowing us the opportunity to sell so many tickets.

The many PSK volunteers who helped out and who made it all possible by selling as many tickets as they did; it was a fantastic effort.