Crocheting for the Homeless

Handmade in Peterborough (HiP), a Peterborough collective of crocheting men and women took advantage of a new challenge which was launched over the Peterborough festival on the 7-8th July 2012.

HiP, fresh from their involvement in Peterborough’s first ever pop up shop, wrapped the giant willow tree in Central Park with wool blankets this weekend as they start a 6 month project. The yarn bombing is set to raise money for 5 local Peterborough charities while at the same teaching countless people, school children, journalists and passers by the skills to make blankets, cushions, and all other things crochet.

Crocheting for the Homeless“HiP To Be Square” saw the group selling Granny Squares for £1, people then choose their favorite charity and donated their square to that charity’s blanket.

By Christmas 2012, the charities will be given their blanket to keep and the money that is raised. Peterborough Soup Kitchen and Peterborough Streets will get several smaller blankets, to give away to homeless and disadvantaged people in need during winter months.

HiP are supporting local charities:
Peterborough Soup Kitchen, Peterborough Citizens Advice Bureau, Peterborough and Fenland Rethink, Peterborough Streets and The Green Backyard.

Crocheting for the HomelessThe grand scheme will see the 5 blankets popping up in unexpected places over the next 6 months across the city.

It’s the idea of Rose Croft, School Secretary (and possibly Peterborough’s fastest crocheter) who says:

“I somehow developed a passion (some may say obsession) with yarn craft and more specifically crochet. I wanted a way to get more people doing more new things. So many people spend so much time being bored and I am so passionate about making good use of my time I wanted to get all those bored people excited about something. So rather than getting angry and posting on Facebook about it, I came up with HiP to be Square.”

Handmade in Peterborough started, and remains, a social night for people who want to chat in the Brewery Tap pub and get over excited about silly things. It has since blossomed into a community force, helping small businesses to grow and making people smile.

The Brewery Tap - PeterboroughRose said: ” OK so, the aims of this project are to big up the HiP concept, to raise money for our chosen local charities and to plain old inspire people to lift their crocket hook and experience the pleasure of creating something simple yet amazing!”

Ironically, Peterborough Soup Kitchen uses the car park to the rear of the Brewery Tap to serve its food in the evenings and HiP meets within the pub, at the same time. The soup kitchen would like to thank those participating in this extraordinary event over the next 6 months.

If you want to know more about Handmade in Peterborough go to their website:

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