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We really appreciate the support that we receive. As a charity we cannot survive without the money from our donors.


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  • 100% of your donation will be used for the core activity of the charity
  • Your donation will allow us to prepare around 270 hot soups, drinks and sandwiches per week or just over 14,000 meals per annum.
  • Your donation will allow us to continue feeding the homeless and disadvantaged throughout the year, for years to come.


Some of the ways that you can donate

Make a Regular Monthly Donation

Just Giving LogoMaking a commitment to a monthly gift is the most valuable way of supporting the work of Peterborough Soup Kitchen. This will allow us to plan ahead ensuring that we meet our long term commitments to the homeless and disadvantaged of the city.

You can donate online securely, using the JustGiving website. Just click on the logo. You can use this for either making a single donation or a regular monthly gift. It’s simple, quick and secure.

Make a One Off Donation

You can make a single donation if you wish.

Donation Form

Donation FormYou can donate by clicking here to download our donation form.

Please print this off and send the completed form to address at the top of the form. If you cannot print this form please conact us and we will send you one in the post.



Donations ‘In-Kind’

We also accept ‘donation in kind’ from people and organisations for other items that we can use. For example, fridges, freezers, air conditioning, cooking and catering utensils and equipment.


Food Donations

Image of Donated FoodFood donations are important for the charity, as the vast majority of our costs are food related. The hard facts are that we have to:

– Use over 8,300 cans of soup every year
– Use over 5,000 loaves of bread every year
– Use almost 500 100oz coffee jars
– Use almost 7,000 tea bags every year

If you wish to make a food donation please contact or telephone 01733 315456.

We also have a form detailing a list of ‘suitable foods’ we can regularly use to do our work. Click here to download a copy


Image of Donated Coins

Our Donation Pledge to You

Our pledge to you is that we will:

  • Never share your information with any other organisations
  • We will keep your information safe
  • Offer you the option to donate anonymously
  • Use our donations responsibly – as we work with volunteers
  • We will always ask for GiftAid, should it be suitable, to maximise the donated amount
  • Keep you informed of our continued work