About Us

Our History

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Peterborough Soup Kitchen (PSK) has operated since 1983 and in this time has been housed in the Salvation Army Citadel before Queensgate Shopping Centre was built. We operated from a room on the premises of Westgate Church for about 10 years.

More recently we served food from St. Theresa’s, a local homeless day centre in Peterborough city centre. Now we operate from our kitchen in the Millfield Community Centre, off Lincoln Road and distribute food by van.


Our Work

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We prepare soup, tea, coffee, hot and cold drinks and a variety of sandwiches in our kitchen. These are taken by van to the Bright Street car park, behind The Brewery Tap public house in the centre of Peterborough, where they are served from the back of the van.


Image of Homeless PersonWe serve between 35 and 76 clients each day. Our principle aim is to ensure that homeless and disadvantaged people in Peterborough get some hot food and drinks each day, throughout the year, whatever the weather conditions.

We have 28 teams of loyal and dedicated volunteers and about 3 to 4 members in each team. We operate 6 days per week, 52 weeks per year; evenings Monday to Friday and Sunday afternoons. This is a substantial year round commitment.



Some hard facts about what we do:

Annually, we publish a document detailing the soup kitchen’s outcomes for the year. This document known as “Outcomes” quantifies the valuable work of the charity as a service provision.

Click here to download the latest copy (PDF File)



 Our Clients

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Our clients are the homeless and disadvantaged people of Peterborough and the surrounding area, as people will travel to eat the food and drinks we serve.

They are male and female, young and old, with many common factors – that they are usually homeless, poor, vulnerable people and very hungry.

To the people who we serve food to we make a vast difference.



Our Volunteers

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The Charity is 100% made up of volunteers. (Charity Number 287602). The soup kitchen cannot function without the loyalty,dedication, support, time, effort, enthusiasm, fundraising efforts and goodwill of all its volunteers.

To deliver and provide the service provision of a soup kitchen our volunteers give over 7,662 hours per annum.

We presently have about 150 local volunteers in total.The charity is run and managed by a small committee of volunteers who act as trustees.

Whilst some people have been volunteering for over 20 years, we are always looking for new volunteers to support our work.


Our Location

The Soup Kitchen is located in the Millfield Community Centre, just off Lincoln Road in Peterborough, PE1 2PE.

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Our kitchen, our food preparation and food stores are all at this location. This is also where the Trustee committee meet and is the heart of our organisation. The soup kitchen van is stored at the Perkins site and is kindly maintained by them, as corporate partners to the charity.